Why the change?

I’ve traded under “Ian Richardson Photography” since the beginning, over 30 years in all. Not ver exciting I know but functional, does what it says on the tin, if a little long winded. ‘Irpimages’ came about while looking for a domain name 3 and a bit years ago after not being able to acquire the names I wanted we added the images and settled on a ‘co.uk’ but if you read it properly it never really jelled with me “Ian Richardson Photography Images” does really work. I have also found it gets mixed up by people and becomes “RIPimages” quite a lot.

So I’ve always wanted to change it to something simple. Then after a number of years there was a ping in my head “the year I started doing this thing that I do and what i do! “1986” “photography” . And there you have it “19graphy” sorry “86photo” complete with its very own “.com“ .

That how 86photo.com was born, or more to the point reborn.