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Just for dogs

The idea first came to me while taking portraits of dogs at the “Dog Lovers Festival” run by Mad Hatters Events in Elvaston Park.

What if I could do Something to help promote a local dog charity? Having talked it over with my partner. She suggested a charity her friend did collections for up near Ashbourne. So of I went looking for a Rescue centre in Brailsford, Ashbourne. Where I met up with the Lovely Maggie, rushed off her feet!

They very kindly let us pitch our portable studio up at the next event(2 days away at the time) and it was a great success we helped raise some money and made some new friends and I fell in love with every dog there!

The story continues……
Now I go up whenever Maggie shouts, and spend a couple of hours taking portraits of new arrivals so we can find them homes as soon as possible. Its been a fantastic success and most dogs are finding new owners. Which makes myself and everyone at Just for Dogs very happy.

Why the change?

I’ve traded under “Ian Richardson Photography” since the beginning, over 30 years in all. Not ver exciting I know but functional, does what it says on the tin, if a little long winded. ‘Irpimages’ came about while looking for a domain name 3 and a bit years ago after not being able to acquire the names I wanted we added the images and settled on a ‘’ but if you read it properly it never really jelled with me “Ian Richardson Photography Images” does really work. I have also found it gets mixed up by people and becomes “RIPimages” quite a lot.

So I’ve always wanted to change it to something simple. Then after a number of years there was a ping in my head “the year I started doing this thing that I do and what i do! “1986” “photography” . And there you have it “19graphy” sorry “86photo” complete with its very own “.com“ .

That how was born, or more to the point reborn.





So a bit about me…

With over 30 years experience in photography. I have come to understand that attention to detail is everything, from the initial composition on my trusty Nikon Df and the final processing of the raw image to the paper I use to print on. All these parts of the process are important to producing an image great enough to present to you the client.
As well as all that I pride myself in being grounded, approachable and fun to work with, while performing my duties in a professional manner.

Portrait of  Ian